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Homeless in Gwinnett Doesn't Look Like You Might Think It Does!

When we hear the word “homeless” we often have a preconceived image in our mind of what that looks like.  Maybe it’s the image of a man sleeping on a park bench,  or a lady pushing a grocery cart filled with her belongings.  Maybe it's the family sitting in a parking lot with dad holding a sign that says, “Will Work for Food”.  Although this urban-type of homelessness is seen here, the majority of our homeless in Gwinnett County are unseen.  They are who we refer to as our "Hidden Homeless".  People who look just like you and I, who have lost their homes and are facing a crisis, but are not holding a sign or advertising their situation.  It’s the senior citizen sitting next to you in church, or the family who appear to be having a picnic in the park.  It could be your co-worker.  It could be the family that used to be your neighbor.   What TABLE Ministries wants the community to recognize and acknowledge, is that not only does homelessness exist in Gwinnett County, it’s actually becoming an epidemic that needs our immediate attention and action.



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TABLE Ministries can use your help in a variety of ways, from financial donations that assist in the purchasing of items for the homeless, to volunteering or donating goods that can be distributed.  

About us

T A B L E is an acronym for There’s A Better Life for Everyone!  We are a faith-based 501(C)3 charitable nonprofit with a heart for the homeless and situations that surround homelessness. We specialize in personal care, meeting our clients where they are, providing practical every day supplies and services that help lift their spirits and lighten their loads while they trudge through the trenches of homelessness. (more)


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